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At Super Sudz, you can always count on superior quality service for you, your vehicle, and your community. 

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What Sets Us Apart

If it rains within two days of your Super Sudz wash, come back with your receipt and we will wash your car again for free. Offer excluded from purchases of the Express wash.
Although it may seem like a simple formula of soap and water, there is actually a lot of chemistry behind providing the perfect wash. We prioritize the science and quality of the products we use so your car shines after every wash.
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Our standard car wash vacuums have a sidekick that help you clean hard to reach crevices. Air guns blow out the debris from tight spaces like in-between your seat and center console so you can easily vacuum debris right up.


Here at Super Sudz, all customers are welcome to use our complimentary towels.

Our Car Wash Packages

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Monthly Membership $18



Monthly Membership $21



Monthly Membership $24


The Works Wash

Monthly Membership $28


Ultimate Wash

Monthly Membership $30

Our Membership

Whether you plan on keeping your car for life or reselling it at some point, investing in keeping it clean is an investment that pays you back. Maintaining a clean car reduces corrosion, decreases the need for costly repairs, and preserves the value of your vehicle. Your car is one of your greatest life investments, so take pride in your ride with Super Sudz. Learn more about our Membership benefits below!

What our guests have to say

Always a good experience here, especially the FREE areas where you can vacuum and clean out your vehicle.

Jessica Bailey
January 2021

I love this place! They wash your car down before you go into the carwash. My car always looks great and the monthly wash pass is such a great deal!

Raina Summers
February 2021

BEST CAR WASH IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!!!! Super customer service and go buy the $30 a month car wash and you will definitely get your money’s worth !! I love this place this is the only car wash I go to in San Antonio. I love supporting my small and local business!

Peter Haring
July 2020

Great car wash, friendly customer service!

Melvin Beckley
December 2020

Moved into a new house and this is our go to car wash.

Samantha Davison
December 2020

I have had a membership for awhile and love the towel exchange each time I have gone to get my vehicle washed. I appreciate the attention to detail during the pre-wash scrub down! Thanks a bunch! I have to mention that their staff is always friendly! Keep up the great service!

Ruth M. Gtz-Garibay
December 2020