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Whether you plan on keeping your car for life or reselling it at some point, investing in keeping it clean is an investment that pays you back. Maintaining a clean car reduces corrosion, decreases the need for costly repairs, and preserves the value of your vehicle. Your car is one of your greatest life investments so take pride in your ride, with Super Sudz. Learn more about our Membership benefits below!

What our guests have to say

Tony SpechtTony Specht
18:23 05 Dec 23
First let me tell you that my navigation system was very confused lol. It took me around in a big circle before I realized what I was sitting in the light that was right there on the other side of the Street so you have to take a u-turn or you can go in the entrance by going down the road and cutting through the parking lot. Either way it was not easy to get to. That said from the moment I drove up there was the young lady that came out to help me make my selections at the drive-thru space. Then I went around to the entrance of the car wash and two young men were attending to my car. I have to say I think it was a little nicer job than the place I normally go to and a little bit more money. At least now I know it's there so I can go there rather than across town to the place I normally go to
Leslie CastanedaLeslie Castaneda
02:52 12 Nov 23
Crystal MartinCrystal Martin
15:00 07 Nov 23
This careash has the absolute best customer service hands down! They are always clean and theres always room to park and vacuum n clean out your car after the drive thru car wash. The vacuums are amazing and they have little blowers to blow out dust crumbs etc. at each station that are super strong! Most definitely recommend!
Sandra ReeveSandra Reeve
17:42 30 Oct 23
What an awesome experience! I’ve never gone through a haunted car wash. The line was huge but was worth the wait. They had scary characters wondering about and rushing into the vehicles in line as we waited. They’d try opening your doors and would appear out of no where and frighten you. As you go through the car wash, they would jump out. What a great idea for a car wash. This is a must try, if you’ve never tried it before. I hope they continue to do this for the next Halloweens in the future.
Tyler CTyler C
22:26 09 Jun 23
Great quality car wash. Dustin was super accommodating to my family’s older, delicate car and made it a great experience. Even came up to us later on to say thank you! Also love how they provide windex bottles and air to ensure your car is super fresh and clean. For the same price as other car washes they give superior service. Also great how they have a margarita shop right next door for hot Texas days!
Joe _Joe _
17:54 19 Dec 22
Update:By far, the best! Mark (manager) was incredibly patient and understanding when helping me with my membership. It starts with a great service but what keeps a business open is a great crew. This business is in it for the long-haul. + the only place I know that has compressed air for interior cleaning!They explained how cancelling a subscription will still let me use the wash til the renewal day. The air hoses make blowing out carpets easy. The free towels clear glass windows beautifully!
cozy metacozy meta
22:04 10 Jun 22
Hands down THE BEST touch free car wash in San Antonio. I have had nothing less than an amazing experience at this particular wash. I have the highest tier monthly subscription and it is more than worth it. You get unlimited washes per month (once per day) and a very high quality service for a very competitive cost. The wash itself is brand new. The vacuums as well operate at peak capacity so none of that sub par suction that you’d experience at some washes. The tire and rim cleaning section the wash has is also superior to any other wash i’ve been to in San Antonio.The manager is also a blessing. He ensures that everything you need is taken care of to the fullest extent. If you pass through the wash and may need another run through (which would be an extreme rarity, unless your car is just filthy with bugs that baked on the exterior for days in the sun) he will ensure with everything in his power that your vehicle is spotless before leaving.
Chi LChi L
22:35 30 Jan 22
This place was awesome I wish I could give it more stars !!I have a two-year-old son who's typically scared of car washes, as a single mom I found this place as the perfect opportunity to try to get the car washed without him freaking out. He absolutely loved it the staff was super friendly and informative and gave my son a lollipop. The owner was friendly and came to my car after the wash to see how I liked it, he also showed me some tips on how he uses the air and vacuums that come with the wash. Overall amazing experience, great wash, great people !Can't wait to go back and get a membership.*** update 2 weeks laterWent back today to get my membership and wash my car, everyone was super friendly. Had my dog with me and they gave him a treat !!! I LOVE THIS PLACE !!! I got the "works" category for my wash membership. I love that membership doesn't require any personal info. They ask for your phone number and license plate off your car. You get a sticker and when you come back to get your car washed, a scanner automatically scans your license plate to make sure it's you!! Wash did an amazing job 🙌 as usual.So happy I found this place. Never thought I'd look forward to washing my car but this place is so awesome.