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Whether you plan on keeping your car for life or reselling it at some point, investing in keeping it clean is an investment that pays you back. Maintaining a clean car reduces corrosion, decreases the need for costly repairs, and preserves the value of your vehicle. Your car is one of your greatest life investments so take pride in your ride, with Super Sudz. Learn more about our Membership benefits below!

What our guests have to say

New car wash on Naco is top notch! Free Vacuums are excellent. My car is sparkling & shiney. Quick in & out. Owner is nice & helpful. Free wash for VETERANS Monday 11/11!

Kimi Rodriguez
November 2019

Wow wow wow. This is best car wash in town. Car came out super clean. The vacuums will suck you into them if you aren’t careful. The mat holder is brilliant and having an air nozzle to spray things off exceptional. The attendant on duty (John) was also extremely helpful and attentive to our needs.

Kevin Williams
November 2019

Best place to go for a car wash. The people here actually are very attentive and do a great job of making sure you are taken care of. Definitely recommend getting a membership. The price is very efficient if you like riding around in a clean car.

Paul Barcus
December 2019

Car came out really clean. Vacuums actually work and are pretty powerful. They even had an air nozzle with a strong spray as well. Mat holder was pretty cool and easy to hang. Staff was friendly and welcomed me. I think I'll be getting a membership here 🙂

Jovan Ibarra
January 15, 2020

Hands down, this is the best car wash! As a mom of 4 kids, my car interior always needs cleaning. The air hose is phenomenal and blows out all the crumbs. I love the vacuums- they’re powerful and come in 2 sizes so you can get between the seats. After my first visit, I was so impressed with how clean my car was that my husband and I both got memberships. The staff is very friendly

Yvette Lopez
February 15, 2020

This is one of my favorite go to place for quick car wash.

Kris Lee
March 2020