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The Spooky Success of the SuperSudz Haunted Car Wash

A super spooky thank you to the city of San Antonio for a great turnout to the 2023 Haunted Car Wash!
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SuperSudz’ Spring Cleaning Tips for a Clean Car 

SuperSudz is here to help you make sure your car is ready for all your spring adventures! During the winter season, your car may have become a slight dumping ground
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Pollen from pine trees blanket a car

Spring Pollen And Car Washin’

Springtime in San Antonio brings an explosion of vibrant colors and beautiful blooms. With this natural spectacle comes the dreaded pollen season, leaving a fine yellowish film on everything from
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Keep Your Car Cool This Summer!

Picture it, it’s the middle of summer, you just came outside from a nice and cool area. You walk up to your car, open your door and there’s the wave
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grey car driving in the rain

20 Essentials Every Car Should Have

Whether you get a flat tire in the middle of a seven hour drive or you’re caught in a downpour on the way to an important meeting, life is full
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orange car with dark tinted windows

5 Perks of Tinted Windows

What’s the big deal with tinted windows? Although many people regard them as an aesthetic choice, tinting actually has tangible benefits, especially for us in Texas where we’re no strangers
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dog sitting in the trunk of a car

4 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Ride

If you’ve ever gotten in a car with your dog, you know that driving with an animal in the back seat is tricky! Here are some tips to keep you
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ceramic protectant

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Protectant

Here at Super Sudz, we’re proud to offer one of the latest trends in car washing– ceramic protectant treatments! Available as part of our Ultimate package and A La Carte
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Our Top Five Reasons to Love a Clean Car!

Harvard Research estimates the average American spends 101 minutes in their car each day. We drive our cars to work, to entertainment venues, to visit friends, and many other activities.
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pickup trucks driving in winter

4 Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter

Even though we live in Texas, we’re no stranger to cold weather– sleet, icy roads, and low temperatures are all common here. It’s important to know the best ways to
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6 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean Post-Wash

We’ve all been there– just days after visiting the car wash, you look down and notice that your car is magically dirty again! Keeping your car looking shiny and fresh
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5 Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh for Longer

Unfortunately for all of us, new car smell can’t last forever. Not to worry though! Below, we’ve gathered six of our favorite tips to help your vehicle stay smelling fresh
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couple on road trip

7 Tips to Make Road Trips Fun for the Whole Family!

Is there any family vacation more classic than a good old-fashioned road trip? This year, hopping in your car may be your only chance to get out of town for
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pickup truck

4 Truck Bed DIYs for Summer

Looking for ways to beat boredom while staying safe this summer? If you or a friend own a pickup truck, there are plenty of ways to do up a truck
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10 Hacks for Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Our experts share their top tips for keeping the inside of your car looking just as good as the outside, no matter what life throws at you. Read more here.
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Experts Share How Often You Should Really Be Washing Your Car and Why

How often should you wash your car?
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