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At Super Sudz, you can always count on superior quality service for you, your vehicle, and your community. 

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What Sets Us Apart

If it rains within two days of your Super Sudz wash, come back with your receipt and we will wash your car again for free. Offer excluded from purchases of the Express wash.
Although it may seem like a simple formula of soap and water, there is actually a lot of chemistry behind providing the perfect wash. We prioritize the science and quality of the products we use so your car shines after every wash.
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Our standard car wash vacuums have a sidekick that help you clean hard to reach crevices. Air guns blow out the debris from tight spaces like in-between your seat and center console so you can easily vacuum debris right up.


Here at Super Sudz, all customers are welcome to use our complimentary towels.

Our Car Wash Packages

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Monthly Membership $18



Monthly Membership $26


The Works Wash

Monthly Membership $31


Ultimate Wash

Monthly Membership $35

Our Membership

Whether you plan on keeping your car for life or reselling it at some point, investing in keeping it clean is an investment that pays you back. Maintaining a clean car reduces corrosion, decreases the need for costly repairs, and preserves the value of your vehicle. Your car is one of your greatest life investments, so take pride in your ride with Super Sudz. Learn more about our Membership benefits below!

What our guests have to say

Mark and the team are excellent at providing customer satisfaction. This is the best place to get your car washed. They will ensure you leave happy every time!
Kathryn Green
January 2022
My first visit! This place is awesome I loved the light show in the tunnel. I had a coupon and the wash attendant was quick to help me figure out how to use it. They have microfiber towels to use after and free vacuums. The vacuum was very powerful I was able to get a good clean inside my car. I will definitely be visiting again!
Jennifer B
April 2022
I came here mid-morning on a Saturday and it wasn’t busy at all. As soon as I pulled up two gentleman came out. One processed my payment and the other walked over to prepare my car going through the tunnel. The brushed the exterior of my car and then my car started through the wash. My car was pretty clean afterwards. Also, either this place is new or they keep up with the vacuums because the suction is STRONG! That’s exactly what I like to make sure all the debris is out of every crevice. I definitely recommend this car wash.
Amber Jefferson
May 2022
Great customer service and excellent car wash! You get a lot of soap, good water pressure when rinsing and car comes out very clean. My daughter also love the lights and calls it a “car wash party” every time we go! But you really cant beat the customer service every time you go.
Selene Tovar
June 2022
Absolutely love this car wash. Best one in San Antonio. I have the top membership and it never disappoints. The owner is always here and super cool as well. I highly recommend it to get the best clean you've had in SA. Did I mention compressed air, vacuums, and towels!
Vincent Villarreal
June 2022
We have had the membership for a couple months and love this car wash. All staff have been very friendly and attentive. We come here about twice or three times a week. Our car always comes out clean including tire shine. Vacuums have great suction and there are plenty towels. Definitely will keep renewing our membership here.
Evelyn Arroyo Rios
June 2022
This car wash is amazing. When we pulled up the workers were super nice and helpful! They explained everything and even offered the baby a piece of candy. Everything was super clean and nice. The car wash was fun. The vacuums are free with a was and were very powerful and worked very well! They also have air guns to blow water off the car or dust off stuff. They even provide washcloths that were clean and fresh to use.
Angie Solo (Angie)
June 2022
Mark is a great guy! Will go above and beyond every time for you to make sure your a satisfied customer. Car wash is the best one I have had out of a touch less wash. I take my Mustang there often and it’s left shiny every time. The membership option is a very good option and is worth the price. Overall very very satisfied and will continue to be a customer! Thanks Mark. Keep doing a great job!
Max Burg
June 2022