The following packages are offered at all 3 of our friendly neighborhood locations, with the exception of the Ultimate Wash not being available at our Thousand Oaks location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers suggest washing your car after any weather change, post any road trip to remove dead bugs or salt build-up, after a flock of birds mark their territory on your vehicle, or after driving down gravel roads. Most dust and debris are corrosive to the exterior of your vehicle and in order to best protect one of your greatest investments, experts recommend washing your vehicle at least every other week. That is why our monthly membership is the best deal and a great investment for your vehicle, as well as your peace of mind.

If protecting your vehicle from corrosion or maintaining the value of your investment is important to you, then yes, applying wax to your vehicle after every wash is very important. Dust, debris, and the majority of natural elements your vehicle comes in contact with on a daily basis are corrosive to your car. Wax helps these elements slide right off and if they don’t, wax acts is a great barrier that protects the paint of your vehicle.

We offer a 2-day rain guarantee. If it rains within 2 days of washing your car at Super Sudz, please come back with your receipt and we will be happy to wash your vehicle again.

We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and cash. 

As long as your convertible is in good condition, you should not be worried about a tunnel wash causing any damage to your vehicle.

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No. Pickup trucks are perfectly safe to run through the tunnel wash, but unfortunately we can not accept dually trucks. To get the best results, we highly recommend sweeping out the bed of your truck before entering the tunnel to minimize any dust or debris being kicked around throughout the washing process.

From start to finish in the tunnel, 3 minutes or less.

All tow hitches, regardless of size, must be removed before running your vehicle through the tunnel wash. We appreciate your understanding and compliance.

Please let us know! We are very friendly people, but we can’t read minds. We want to make sure you leave satisfied with your Super Sudz car wash so we encourage you to please tell us. We would be more than happy to run your vehicle through the wash again. 

We have a very friendly and patient staff that are happy to guide you through the easy drive onto the ramp.