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Ceramic Shine

It’s the latest breakthrough in the car wash industry. This feature is a light ceramic coating that repels water, blocks UV rays and is resistant to dirt, bird droppings, and other contaminants. The formula chemically bonds with your vehicle’s paint and the more you use it, the more the ceramic layers build on the surface of your car making the coating more durable. 

Included in:

Super Sudz Dash Cleaner

A wipe on your dash is all you will need after an exterior wash and interior vacuum. A Super Sudz Dash Cleaner will help take care of these final details so you consider your car wash complete when you drive off.

Included in:

Buff N Dry

No great car wash is complete without buffing the exterior. Buffing is said to remove light scratches, early signs of paint corrosion, and helps ensure no water spots are left on your vehicle after a wash. Increase the gloss and shine of your car with our Buff N Dry care.

Included in:

Complete Body Protectant

Protect from UV rays, brake dust, dirt, and winter road chemicals, with a complete body protectant which bonds with your car’s surface. Once applied, the iridescent brighteners in this product will increase shine, smoothen the surface, and rinse water will virtually explode off your vehicle’s surface.

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Carnuaba Wax

A modern high-quality wax that bonds with your paint to protect it from dirt, UV sun rays, bug guts, and pollen damage. You will be able to physically see the Carnuaba Wax difference when you witness water bead and roll of your vehicle, effortlessly. This top layer also adds a noticeably brighter, deeper shine to the surface.

Included in:

Foaminator Bath

You will be dazzled by how the latest technology in the car washing industry will envelop your vehicle in the highest quality, deep cleaning car products on the market. Enjoy the colorful foam it produces while the Foamintor Bath works hard to leave your car cleaner and shinier than ever.

Included in:


Tire Shine

Your car may be clean, but if your tires aren’t shiny, the look won’t be complete. Revitalize the rubber and prevent cracking with this moisturizing tire treatment. Our tire shine will leave your tires looking brand new. 

Included in:

Triple Polish

Three layers of a rich foam polish bond with the surface of your vehicle. Our triple polish will provide layers of protection and enhance the appearance of your vehicle with a brighter, deeper shine.

Included in:

Bug Blaster Juice

Bugs on vehicles may be an everyday thing, but bug guts deteriorate your vehicle’s paint if left on. Protect the clear coat of your vehicle from permanent stains and remove stubborn bugs with our Bug Blaster Juice.

Included in:

Undercarriage Wash

Washing the undercarriage of your vehicle prevents corrosive dust, salt, and mud from breaching important underbody surfaces that are imperative to the smooth operation of your vehicle.

Included in:

Clear Coat Protectant

Prolong the pristine quality of your paint job with an extra layer of protection from corrosion, UV ray sun damage, and moisture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What our guests have to say

Always a good experience here, especially the FREE areas where you can vacuum and clean out your vehicle.
Jessica Bailey
January 2021
I love this place! They wash your car down before you go into the carwash. My car always looks great and the monthly wash pass is such a great deal!
Raina Summers
February 2021
BEST CAR WASH IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!!!! Super customer service and go buy the $30 a month car wash and you will definitely get your money’s worth !! I love this place this is the only car wash I go to in San Antonio. I love supporting my small and local business!
Peter Haring
July 2020
Great car wash, friendly customer service!
Melvin Beckley
December 2020
Moved into a new house and this is our go to car wash.
Samantha Davison
December 2020
I have had a membership for awhile and love the towel exchange each time I have gone to get my vehicle washed. I appreciate the attention to detail during the pre-wash scrub down! Thanks a bunch! I have to mention that their staff is always friendly! Keep up the great service!
Ruth M. Gtz-Garibay
December 2020