Our Top Five Reasons to Love a Clean Car!

Harvard Research estimates the average American spends 101 minutes in their car each day. We drive our cars to work, to entertainment venues, to visit friends, and many other activities. Considering how much time we spend in our car each day, it’s only apparent that we want to arrive at our destination in a clean car, right?

Both the exterior and interior of a car need special attention when it’s time to clean. A beautiful exterior sends out a good impression to others wherever you go, but also protects the paint and provides an assortment of additional benefits.

A beautiful interior makes every drive in your car more relaxing and enjoyable. Plus, a clean interior may protect your health from allergies and toxins that become trapped inside the car over time.

The following list looks at some of the most important reasons a clean car should be a top priority in your life. Do yourself – and your vehicle – a favor and keep it clean! 

1- Improved Appearance

Keep your car clean inside and out and never again worry that you’re sending the wrong impression. We all want others to think highly of us but something as simple as a dirty car can change that opinion. Yes, people do judge you off the appearance of your vehicle, as you have likely done yourself a time or two. When it is consistently clean, there is little worry about what other people think. You gain confidence and give a good impression to anyone who may be joining you for a joy ride.

Your car’s exterior may collect dirt, mud, dead pests, and other debris while you’re on the road. A quick wash and scrub remove these obscurities, protecting the vehicle’s paint and restoring its great appearance. Why risk damaging the vehicle when cleaning it with professional help is so easy and affordable?

Cleaning the interior of your car offers a plethora of benefits as well, keep reading!

2- Sanitation

Since we spend such large amounts of time in our car, proper sanitation protects our health. Trash, dirt, etc. creates odors inside the vehicle, which can make driving difficult. All the germs and dirt that collects if the car is not cleaned may also impact a person’s health, especially for older drivers, children, and people suffering from asthma and allergies.

Factoid: did you know that proper sanitation also increases vehicle fuel efficiency? A MythBusters report concluded that a dirty car gets two-miles less per gallon of fuel versus a clean car. It may seem minuscule, but this adds up quickly!

3- Protect the Vehicle From Damage

All the exterior debris that piles up on the car can damage the paint, headlights, taillights, or other components. Prompt removal of things such as dirt, mud, road salt and pests reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle, reducing your risk of having to deal with potential damages in the future.

Repainting a vehicle costs thousands of dollars. Replacing components is never cheap. The cost of professional detailing and cleaning is minimal. Be proactive and keep your car clean, it will certainly save you money in the long run.

4- Retain Resale Value

Your car is your baby, until that new model comes along and steals your heart. Reselling a car can be simple, especially if you’ve taken great care of it. You certainly don’t want to hang onto the old car if a new one has your eye, so make that sale as simple as possible.

A clean, well-kempt car not only has a higher resale value but attracts more buyers. If you want to pocket the maximum possible profit from the car, keep it clean during ownership. When a car has been maintained, it shows!

5- Eliminate Odors

What’s that smell? You do not want to ask yourself this question or hear it from others every time you step foot into your car, but if trash piles up and it’s not kept clean, odors very well may result. Spills from drinks can cause horrid odors in the carpets and stain the upholstery, as will crumbs from the cookies and crackers the kids ate on the ride home.

Cleaning your interior regularly reduces the risk these accidents, and odors, will occur. But, when life ultimately happens and that drink takes a tumble, you can count on a professional interior cleaning to help remove stains and odors. It feels good to get in an odor-free car, especially if you drive long distances during your days.

Fast. Clean. Friendly. That’s our commitment to every customer who brings their car to Super Sudz for detailing and wash service. You gotta love a clean car, as our top five reasons above suggest. We’d love to show you how amazing your car can be when you sudz it up at one of our San Antonio locations!

4 Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter

pickup trucks driving in winter

Even though we live in Texas, we’re no stranger to cold weather– sleet, icy roads, and low temperatures are all common here. It’s important to know the best ways to protect your car from sudden temperature changes and other winter weather conditions that can damage your vehicle. Here are four precautionary measures you can take before the season begins to ensure your car adjusts to cold weather with ease:

Check tires for pressure and tread depth

Keeping your tires in good shape is crucial to keep your car running smoothly on icy winter roads. Inspect your tires using the penny test to ensure that your treads aren’t too worn down. After you’re done with the test, use a tire gauge to test your air pressure. Make sure your

Change your oil and antifreeze

These steps should be taken normally as a part of regular car maintenance, but it’s especially important to do so in the winter. If the weather gets too cold, these liquids can become sludgy, causing engine trouble. If your region is prone to low temperatures, consider switching to a winter-safe version of both products. 

Inspect your battery

Low temperatures can cause your battery capacity to decline, so it’s important to get it looked at. A professional will ensure that it’s in good shape for the coming months. Keep your car parked inside as much as possible to mitigate the effects of the cold. Turn off any accessories that require battery power before getting out of your car. This action avoids wasting battery power every time you turn your car on. 

Have brakes checked pre-season

Wet, icy roads can cause cars to skid, so it’s absolutely crucial that your brakes are in perfect working condition. Have your brake pads inspected well before bad weather conditions begin to ensure that your car is properly equipped for the months to come.

Of course, it’s also important to keep your car clean during this time! Salted roads can wear down tires, and freezing wind and rain can scuff your exterior. Visit a Super Sudz near you and we’ll get your car washed and protected from the elements in no time!