6 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean Post-Wash

car clean at Super Sudz

We’ve all been there– just days after visiting the car wash, you look down and notice that your car is magically dirty again! Keeping your car looking shiny and fresh can seem impossible when it’s constantly exposed to the elements. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for extending the life of your wash to keep your car car clean and looking as good as new! 

Keep it covered

The easiest way to keep your car looking good? Park it in a sheltered space like a garage or covered parking spot. If that isn’t possible, consider investing in a good car cover. This keeps your car safe from the elements– sun, hail, wind, and rain can all have damaging effects on your car’s shiny new exterior.

Don’t forget the wax

Waxing your car once a month is the best way to make sure that your paint is well-protected and stays nice and glossy! If you live in a place that’s prone to extreme weather, you might need to consider waxing more frequently to shield it from high heat or snow and ice, which can result in fading or chips.

Show your tires some love

Dirty, worn-out tires can throw off the entire look of an otherwise spotless car. Not only does tire dressing keep your tires squeaky clean, improving your car’s overall appearance, it can also keep them strong! Here at Super Sudz, our Tire Shine treatment moisturizes the rubber to keep them from cracking.

Use the right products

Feeling the need for a DIY car wash? That’s great– just make sure you know which cleaning products to use. Only use solvents and cloths designed to be used on cars to avoid damage; household cleaners often include harsh chemicals that can eat away at your paint job and rough scrubbing brushes can cause chips and scratches on a car’s delicate exterior. If not, visit your local Super Sudz Car Wash in San Antonio, where we take care of the chemistry behind your car wash, so you don’t have to. 

Get regular detailing

Think of detailing as a professional deep-clean; it’s a good idea to get this done at least once a year to make sure your car looks good as new, inside and out. The process goes beyond a normal wash, usually involving touch-ups that hide scratches and smudges in the paint and a thorough interior cleaning.

Spot clean when necessary

Whether it’s bugs hitting the windshield or bird droppings on the windows, accidents happen! Make sure that you clean these up as quickly as possible though– the longer these stay on your car, the more time they have to eat into the paint and solidify. Over time they can become extremely difficult to remove without scratching the car, so it’s better to take care of these messes as soon as you can.

These six tips will go a long way towards making your car look clean for as long as possible, but it’s still important to get regular washes to make sure your car looks shiny and new all year round!  Become a Super Sudz member today for monthly unlimited car washes!