Keep Your Car Cool This Summer!

parking lot of cars on hot day

Picture it, it’s the middle of summer, you just came outside from a nice and cool area. You walk up to your car, open your door and there’s the wave of heat coming out and everything is hot. Is there anything worse than getting into a hot car on a scorching day? Here are some of our favorite tips to help keep your car cool and not turning into an oven this summer: 

Avoid the sun

Park in garages or covered spaces as much as possible to keep your car out of direct sunlight! If this isn’t possible, find shady spots where the sun is blocked by trees or the side of a building. The more shade you find, the more you can keep that car cool and not blazing hot when you open the door.

Cover up

If your interior is upholstered in materials like vinyl or leather, especially in dark colors, it will retain heat. Protect your hands and legs by draping your steering wheel and seats in light-colored blankets or towels while the car is parked to keep them from taking in too much heat.

Open the doors

After you get back into your car, take a moment to sit with the windows down or doors open. This will boost air circulation, carrying the hot air out of the car and bringing in cooler air from outside.

Use a sunshade

These reflective windshield shades minimize the amount of sunlight that enters your car, keeping the internal temperature low. They’re also lightweight and incredibly easy to stow in your glove compartment or trunk for easy access!   

Did you know that heat and sunlight can be damaging for your car’s exterior? At Super Sudz, we provide a ceramic protectant with every wash that helps block harmful UV rays to protect your paint job, so your car stays shiny all summer long! Stop by a Super Sudz near you to learn more!

4 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Ride

dog sitting in the trunk of a car

If you’ve ever gotten in a car with your dog, you know that driving with an animal in the back seat is tricky! Here are some tips to keep you and your furry best friend safe while you hit the road together: 

Keep them secure

Make sure you have a special harness, car seat, or other mechanism in your car that fits your dog! Having them sit on a passenger’s lap or an empty seat can be tempting, but it’s important to make sure your pet is secure while the car is moving– it makes the ride safer for them and you!

Lock your windows

Everyone knows dogs love to have their heads out the window, but it can be dangerous. This is true on especially on roads with high speed limits. Although it’s hard for dogs to roll windows down on their own, ensure that your windows are always closed and locked when they’re in the car to protect them from any objects that may fly in or keep them from wiggling out.

Keep supplies handy

Always have plenty of water on hand for your pup, especially in the summer when the temperature is rising. After all, it’s not easy carrying around all that fur every day! If you’re going on a longer trip, make sure you have snacks and toys, and most importantly cleaning supplies. You never know when messes will occur!

Check ID

If you’re going on a longer trip, make sure your pet’s ID is up to date. Ensure that their collar has your name and phone number on it, and if they’re chipped, double-check that you know how to access their information in case they get lost.

Time to Ride With Your Dog!

Does a long road trip with your family and pup have your car looking a little worse for the wear? Swing by a Super Sudz near you and we’ll have your ride looking as good as new!

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh for Longer

super sudz car wash man vacuuming car seats

Unfortunately for all of us, new car smell can’t last forever. Not to worry though! Below, we’ve gathered six of our favorite tips to help your vehicle stay smelling fresh as a daisy.

No trash allowed:

Be sure to take trash with you when leaving your car– accidentally leaving some behind can cause a stink that lasts for days after.  

Keep your car interior dry:

Use waterproof floor mats and crack your windows to let wet seats or carpets air dry as much as possible to avoid mildew. 

Use spill-proof cups:

Reusable cups with lids aren’t just good for the environment! They will help prevent spills that are inevitable with quick stops or sharp turns.

Air freshener hacks:

Air fresheners work wonders, but if you don’t like the artificial scent they sometimes provide, don’t worry! Leave an open box of dryer sheets or container of coffee beans in your trunk or under a seat and have your car smelling like clean laundry or a fresh cup of joe in no time.

Baking soda isn’t just for refrigerators:

Sprinkle a bit of the substance around your car and let it sit overnight to soak up any unwanted smells before vacuuming it up the next morning.

Now Smell Your Car!

By far the most effective way to keep your car smelling (and looking!) clean is getting a regular wash and vacuum. Click here to learn more about our membership program, where you can pay a monthly fee for unlimited washes!

7 Tips to Make Road Trips Fun for the Whole Family!

couple on road trip

Is there any family vacation more classic than a good old-fashioned road trip? This year, hopping in your car may be your only chance to get out of town for a day or two. However, anyone traveling with kids knows it requires plenty of preparation ahead of time to ensure that your smallest passengers are entertained so you can drive safely and free of distractions. Movies, screens, and books are all great forms of entertainment, but can cause car sickness after an hour or two. Here are our top seven screen-free tips for making road trips fun for the whole family!

Top Seven Tips

  1. Purchase inexpensive disposable cameras so that your kids can document the trip with pictures from the car ride, roadside attractions, and more. Develop the film at a drugstore after your trip. Then put an album together for each of your budding photographers that you look back on for years to come!
  2. Games like Celebrity, I Spy, Concentration, and more are classics for a reason– they’re fun for all ages! Games like this require plenty of creativity and memory from everyone involved but are easy enough for the driver to participate without taking their eyes off the road, making it a welcome diversion.
  3. Make a road trip scrapbook! Bring notebooks, washable markers, and glue sticks along for the ride. Let your kids document every step of the trip in their own style, with plenty of wet wipes on standby! Great souvenirs include pictures, napkins from restaurants, brochures from interesting places, flowers from rest stops, and more. Older kids can write notes about the trip, while younger kids can simply have fun coloring their pages.
  4. Need a break from talking? Turn on a podcast the whole family can get into! Whether your family is interested in storytelling or journalism, science or history, you’ll be able to find something that everybody will enjoy. There are also plenty of kid-friendly podcasts on the market that parents will find just as enjoyable. 
  5. Have young artists in the car? Non-toxic dry erase markers are a great option for doodling on car windows. Masterpieces can be drawn and wiped away easily with paper towels over and over again. Just make sure to purchase the odorless kind to keep the scent from taking over your car!
  6. Plan a scavenger hunt before your trip! Include plenty of things found at restaurants, roadside rest stops, and any other places along the way. Decide on a small prize for the winner, like a candy bar or extra window seat time, and have fun competing as a family!
  7. Do some research beforehand and put together a list of roadside attractions. We love Fredericksburg peach stands, Amarillo’s Cadillac Ranch, and the Dr. Pepper Museum and Magnolia Market in Waco. Don’t be afraid to stop on the road if you see something that catches your eye! After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Whether you want to have your car looking fresh before you hit the road or you’re looking to clean the dust off after a successful trip, we’re here for you! Click here to find a location near you and stop by today!