SuperSudz’ Spring Cleaning Tips for a Clean Car 

People cleaning their cars at SuperSudz

SuperSudz is here to help you make sure your car is ready for all your spring adventures! During the winter season, your car may have become a slight dumping ground during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The start of the spring season is a great time to catch up on some much needed spring cleaning – in your home AND in your car.

SuperSudz Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Regular Car Maintenance 

Before cleaning your car, make sure your car is working properly! Now is a great time to make sure you aren’t behind on inspections, oil changes, tire pressure checks or anything else your car may need. 

  • Clean Up Trash and Personal Items

Start your spring cleaning with decluttering. Throw away leaves, straw wrappers, napkins, receipts, and any other pieces of trash. Also, take out any bags, sweaters, mugs, etc. that you may be hoarding in your car. 

  •  Clean out Center Console and Glove Box 

We’re all guilty of throwing random items into our center consoles and glove boxes during busy car rides. Check out our list of 20 Essentials Every Car Should Have to make sure your car compartments only carry what is absolutely needed. 

  • Vacuum Floor and Seats 

Most people are pretty good at vacuuming the floor and trunk of their cars. However, spring cleaning is a great time to get into some of those commonly forgotten spots. Vacuum under any floor rugs and seat creases. 

  • Wipe Down Surfaces

Be sure to use a microfiber cloth or cleaning wipe to wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel and console. Don’t forget to wipe down leather seats or car seats if you have either. 

  • Wash Wheels & Rims

Did you know that every time you break, dust particles collect in your rims? Brake dust is a dark residue that can potentially damage car rims. Give your tires and rims the attention they need with some deep scrubbing.

  • Get a Car Wash 

Now that the inside of your car is clean, it’s time to treat your car to a good car wash. SuperSudz offers 4 different car wash packages ranging from only $9 to $23. 

P.S. Haven’t found the time to vacuum the inside of your car? No worries! After your car wash, head over to our complimentary vacuums.

  • Replace Windshield Wipes

When was the last time you replaced your windshield wipers? Windshield wipers generally have a lifespan of 6 months, so now is a good time to replace them! New wipers will excel at getting rid of residue from the incoming pollen and rain showers that the spring season brings. 

  • Consider Making these Investments 

Don’t keep making the same mistakes that lead to a dirty car! Amazon has great car accessories that you can purchase at a low cost. Consider purchasing a car trash can, portable vacuum or cleaning putty gel to ensure your car’s interior is squeaky clean all season long!

  • Spring Pollen Prep
Now that your car is freshly spring cleaned, it’s time to start prepping your car for the pollen that comes along with the season. Get your car a good waxing prior to the pollen season. The wax will provide a protective layer that will reduce the amount of pollen that will stick to your car. During the midst of the season, be sure to clean out your air filters regularly as this is a common place for pollen build up. 

It’s best practice to get weekly car washes during the spring time due to the frequent pollen and rain showers. Purchase a SuperSudz membership so that you can get unlimited washes during the spring season without breaking the bank! 

Spring Pollen And Car Washin’

Pollen from pine trees blanket a car

Springtime in San Antonio brings an explosion of vibrant colors and beautiful blooms. With this natural spectacle comes the dreaded pollen season, leaving a fine yellowish film on everything from your house to your car. Fear not because Super Sudz is here to save the day. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a local express wash and how Super Sudz specializes in cleaning seasonal spring pollen.

Embracing Local San Antonio Roots

When it comes to express wash car washes, staying local has a myriad of advantages. Super Sudz prides itself on being deeply rooted in the San Antonio community. By choosing a local car wash, you’re supporting your neighborhood’s economy and fostering a sense of belonging. Super Sudz understands the unique needs of San Antonio residents and tailors its services accordingly.

Convenience and Time Efficiency

As a local express wash car wash, Super Sudz offers unparalleled convenience to San Antonio residents. Located off Bandera Road in Leon Valley, you won’t have to go far to give your vehicle the TLC it deserves. With a fast and efficient service, Super Sudz ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the beauty of San Antonio during Spring.

Specialized Express Wash for Pollen Challenges

Waking up to spring pollen covering your car definitely isn’t something we look forward to during Spring. Super Sudz recognizes this problem and has figured out how to combat pollen effectively. Using high-quality cleaning products and a trained staff, they ensure that your car leaves pollen-free and shining like new. We also provide interior cleaning and vacuuming services to make sure your car is cleaned thoroughly. Our attention to detail guarantees that no pollen residue is left behind, providing a truly thorough cleaning.

Personalized Service and Customer Satisfaction

Super Sudz values each customer and strives to provide exceptional service. They believe in building long-term relationships with their clients by delivering personalized attention and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. By listening to your specific needs and preferences, Super Sudz tailors their services to exceed your expectations.

When it comes to choosing a car wash during the pollen-filled spring season in San Antonio, Super Sudz stands out as the local champion. With its commitment to the community, expertise in combating pollen challenges, convenient locations, fast service, and personalized attention, Super Sudz is the go-to destination for all your car cleaning needs. Don’t let the season’s pollen dampen your vehicle’s shine—head over to Super Sudz for an exceptional express wash experience. Visit our website for more information on what we can do for you and your vehicle. Supporting local has never been so rewarding!

Remember, Super Sudz is not just a car wash—it’s a testament to the spirit of the San Antonio community!

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer!

parking lot of cars on hot day

Picture it, it’s the middle of summer, you just came outside from a nice and cool area. You walk up to your car, open your door and there’s the wave of heat coming out and everything is hot. Is there anything worse than getting into a hot car on a scorching day? Here are some of our favorite tips to help keep your car cool and not turning into an oven this summer: 

Avoid the sun

Park in garages or covered spaces as much as possible to keep your car out of direct sunlight! If this isn’t possible, find shady spots where the sun is blocked by trees or the side of a building. The more shade you find, the more you can keep that car cool and not blazing hot when you open the door.

Cover up

If your interior is upholstered in materials like vinyl or leather, especially in dark colors, it will retain heat. Protect your hands and legs by draping your steering wheel and seats in light-colored blankets or towels while the car is parked to keep them from taking in too much heat.

Open the doors

After you get back into your car, take a moment to sit with the windows down or doors open. This will boost air circulation, carrying the hot air out of the car and bringing in cooler air from outside.

Use a sunshade

These reflective windshield shades minimize the amount of sunlight that enters your car, keeping the internal temperature low. They’re also lightweight and incredibly easy to stow in your glove compartment or trunk for easy access!   

Did you know that heat and sunlight can be damaging for your car’s exterior? At Super Sudz, we provide a ceramic protectant with every wash that helps block harmful UV rays to protect your paint job, so your car stays shiny all summer long! Stop by a Super Sudz near you to learn more!

20 Essentials Every Car Should Have

grey car driving in the rain

Whether you get a flat tire in the middle of a seven hour drive or you’re caught in a downpour on the way to an important meeting, life is full of unexpected events! Luckily, you can ensure that  you’re protected from– or at least prepared for– most of what life has to throw at you with some careful planning ahead of time. Here are some car essentials every car owner should have in their vehicle so that they’re ready for anything:


While we have countless documents saved on our phones, we want to make sure you have these documents as back up in case you left your phone at home or it’s running low on juice.

  • Owner’s manual
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Emergency contact information
  • Car repair and AAA information

Car Maintenance

While we never like to think of the worst case scenario, it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

  • Spare tire and tire changing equipment (lug wrench, tire jack, etc.) 
  • Emergency tire patch kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Duct tape


We always need some basic supplies in our car because we just never know when we might need some of these essentials.

  • First aid kit
  • Heavy-duty flashlight
  • Swiss Army knife/multipurpose tool
  • Water bottles
  • Nonperishable food


It’s always good to keep these things in your car, as you may not use the all the time but when you need them, you know they’re in your back seat or glove compartment.

  • Umbrella
  • Pens and a notebook
  • Change of clothes/shoes
  • Glasses/sunglasses

Now that you and your car are ready for anything, we can give you a squeaky clean look to match! Visit a Super Sudz near you to give your car some TLC.

5 Perks of Tinted Windows

orange car with dark tinted windows

What’s the big deal with tinted windows? Although many people regard them as an aesthetic choice, tinting actually has tangible benefits, especially for us in Texas where we’re no strangers to sunny weather! Here are five reasons to consider tinting your windows:

Keeps upholstery from fading

Direct sunlight can be damaging, fading the leather or cloth of your car’s interior, warping or even cracking over time. Windshield sun protetectors or parking in the shade can temporarily reduce sun damage, but it’s just a bandaid. Tinting your windows consistently blocks the sun and will reduce the harmful effect and keep your upholstery looking good as new!

Blocks UV rays

Have you ever gotten a sunburn through your car window on a long drive? Tinted windows help shield up to 99% of harmful UV rays from reaching your skin. This is something especially helpful for anyone who lives in an extremely sunny region as harmful UV can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer.

Helps solar heat rejection

Tinted windows can bring down the heat in your car by as much as 70%! This means that you can use your air conditioner less, which helps you save energy and improve gas mileage.

Increases privacy and security

Probably the most widely-known benefits of tinting, the dark film will ensure that you and your passengers are shielded from prying eyes at all times. When you park your car, tinted windows can discourage lurking people from seeing anything inside your car and thus saving you a major headache.

Protects glass from shattering

In case of an emergency, whether an attempted robbery or a car accident, tinted film can help hold shattered windows together, preventing pieces of glass from flying in all directions. 

Of course, whether you tint your windows or not, it’s always important to keep them clean! Sign up for our monthly membership here so you can swing by for unlimited washes whenever you want!

4 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Ride

dog sitting in the trunk of a car

If you’ve ever gotten in a car with your dog, you know that driving with an animal in the back seat is tricky! Here are some tips to keep you and your furry best friend safe while you hit the road together: 

Keep them secure

Make sure you have a special harness, car seat, or other mechanism in your car that fits your dog! Having them sit on a passenger’s lap or an empty seat can be tempting, but it’s important to make sure your pet is secure while the car is moving– it makes the ride safer for them and you!

Lock your windows

Everyone knows dogs love to have their heads out the window, but it can be dangerous. This is true on especially on roads with high speed limits. Although it’s hard for dogs to roll windows down on their own, ensure that your windows are always closed and locked when they’re in the car to protect them from any objects that may fly in or keep them from wiggling out.

Keep supplies handy

Always have plenty of water on hand for your pup, especially in the summer when the temperature is rising. After all, it’s not easy carrying around all that fur every day! If you’re going on a longer trip, make sure you have snacks and toys, and most importantly cleaning supplies. You never know when messes will occur!

Check ID

If you’re going on a longer trip, make sure your pet’s ID is up to date. Ensure that their collar has your name and phone number on it, and if they’re chipped, double-check that you know how to access their information in case they get lost.

Time to Ride With Your Dog!

Does a long road trip with your family and pup have your car looking a little worse for the wear? Swing by a Super Sudz near you and we’ll have your ride looking as good as new!

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Protectant

ceramic protectant

Here at Super Sudz, we’re proud to offer one of the latest trends in car washing– ceramic protectant treatments! Available as part of our Ultimate package and A La Carte service, this special lightweight Ceramic Shine coating offers a wide range of benefits for any vehicle:

  • Protection from UV damage that ensures your car’s paint doesn’t fade after exposure to the sun
  • Protection from chemical stains and damage caused by outside elements that bind to your car’s unprotected surface, such as bird droppings or other naturally acidic elements
  • Repels water and ensures that mud and dirt won’t adhere to your paint. This makes the surface of your car easy to spot clean
  • High shine finish acts almost as a gloss to help your paint color pop by enhancing the reflective qualities of your paint

Over time, multiple layers of ceramic protectant builds up on the surface of your car to create a strong boundary. This protects your car’s surface from the elements by chemically bonding with your car’s factory paint. This treatment extends the life of your wash and keeps your car looking like new. Your car will require less spot cleaning and other aesthetic fixes on your part.

Here at Super Sudz, we believe you and your car deserve nothing but the best! Stop by and show your car some TLC with a wash and shine at a Super Sudz near you

Our Top Five Reasons to Love a Clean Car!

Harvard Research estimates the average American spends 101 minutes in their car each day. We drive our cars to work, to entertainment venues, to visit friends, and many other activities. Considering how much time we spend in our car each day, it’s only apparent that we want to arrive at our destination in a clean car, right?

Both the exterior and interior of a car need special attention when it’s time to clean. A beautiful exterior sends out a good impression to others wherever you go, but also protects the paint and provides an assortment of additional benefits.

A beautiful interior makes every drive in your car more relaxing and enjoyable. Plus, a clean interior may protect your health from allergies and toxins that become trapped inside the car over time.

The following list looks at some of the most important reasons a clean car should be a top priority in your life. Do yourself – and your vehicle – a favor and keep it clean! 

1- Improved Appearance

Keep your car clean inside and out and never again worry that you’re sending the wrong impression. We all want others to think highly of us but something as simple as a dirty car can change that opinion. Yes, people do judge you off the appearance of your vehicle, as you have likely done yourself a time or two. When it is consistently clean, there is little worry about what other people think. You gain confidence and give a good impression to anyone who may be joining you for a joy ride.

Your car’s exterior may collect dirt, mud, dead pests, and other debris while you’re on the road. A quick wash and scrub remove these obscurities, protecting the vehicle’s paint and restoring its great appearance. Why risk damaging the vehicle when cleaning it with professional help is so easy and affordable?

Cleaning the interior of your car offers a plethora of benefits as well, keep reading!

2- Sanitation

Since we spend such large amounts of time in our car, proper sanitation protects our health. Trash, dirt, etc. creates odors inside the vehicle, which can make driving difficult. All the germs and dirt that collects if the car is not cleaned may also impact a person’s health, especially for older drivers, children, and people suffering from asthma and allergies.

Factoid: did you know that proper sanitation also increases vehicle fuel efficiency? A MythBusters report concluded that a dirty car gets two-miles less per gallon of fuel versus a clean car. It may seem minuscule, but this adds up quickly!

3- Protect the Vehicle From Damage

All the exterior debris that piles up on the car can damage the paint, headlights, taillights, or other components. Prompt removal of things such as dirt, mud, road salt and pests reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle, reducing your risk of having to deal with potential damages in the future.

Repainting a vehicle costs thousands of dollars. Replacing components is never cheap. The cost of professional detailing and cleaning is minimal. Be proactive and keep your car clean, it will certainly save you money in the long run.

4- Retain Resale Value

Your car is your baby, until that new model comes along and steals your heart. Reselling a car can be simple, especially if you’ve taken great care of it. You certainly don’t want to hang onto the old car if a new one has your eye, so make that sale as simple as possible.

A clean, well-kempt car not only has a higher resale value but attracts more buyers. If you want to pocket the maximum possible profit from the car, keep it clean during ownership. When a car has been maintained, it shows!

5- Eliminate Odors

What’s that smell? You do not want to ask yourself this question or hear it from others every time you step foot into your car, but if trash piles up and it’s not kept clean, odors very well may result. Spills from drinks can cause horrid odors in the carpets and stain the upholstery, as will crumbs from the cookies and crackers the kids ate on the ride home.

Cleaning your interior regularly reduces the risk these accidents, and odors, will occur. But, when life ultimately happens and that drink takes a tumble, you can count on a professional interior cleaning to help remove stains and odors. It feels good to get in an odor-free car, especially if you drive long distances during your days.

Fast. Clean. Friendly. That’s our commitment to every customer who brings their car to Super Sudz for detailing and wash service. You gotta love a clean car, as our top five reasons above suggest. We’d love to show you how amazing your car can be when you sudz it up at one of our San Antonio locations!

4 Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter

pickup trucks driving in winter

Even though we live in Texas, we’re no stranger to cold weather– sleet, icy roads, and low temperatures are all common here. It’s important to know the best ways to protect your car from sudden temperature changes and other winter weather conditions that can damage your vehicle. Here are four precautionary measures you can take before the season begins to ensure your car adjusts to cold weather with ease:

Check tires for pressure and tread depth

Keeping your tires in good shape is crucial to keep your car running smoothly on icy winter roads. Inspect your tires using the penny test to ensure that your treads aren’t too worn down. After you’re done with the test, use a tire gauge to test your air pressure. Make sure your

Change your oil and antifreeze

These steps should be taken normally as a part of regular car maintenance, but it’s especially important to do so in the winter. If the weather gets too cold, these liquids can become sludgy, causing engine trouble. If your region is prone to low temperatures, consider switching to a winter-safe version of both products. 

Inspect your battery

Low temperatures can cause your battery capacity to decline, so it’s important to get it looked at. A professional will ensure that it’s in good shape for the coming months. Keep your car parked inside as much as possible to mitigate the effects of the cold. Turn off any accessories that require battery power before getting out of your car. This action avoids wasting battery power every time you turn your car on. 

Have brakes checked pre-season

Wet, icy roads can cause cars to skid, so it’s absolutely crucial that your brakes are in perfect working condition. Have your brake pads inspected well before bad weather conditions begin to ensure that your car is properly equipped for the months to come.

Of course, it’s also important to keep your car clean during this time! Salted roads can wear down tires, and freezing wind and rain can scuff your exterior. Visit a Super Sudz near you and we’ll get your car washed and protected from the elements in no time!